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work with sB on sth

答:in sth

check sth with sb 与某人某物 您要查找的是不是: to place an order for sth with sb向某人定购某物 have a joke with sb; share the pleasure of laughing at sth with sb与某人一起以某事取笑 Have a joke with sbbshare the pleasure of la...


对的 agree with sb on/over/about sth 都是指就某件事来说,同意某人

cooperate with sb_百度翻译 cooperate with sb [词典] 同某人合作; 进行更多翻译 in sth的中文翻译_百度翻译 in sth 在某事上 全部释义和例句试试人工翻译 on sth_百度翻译 on sth 网络 敬贺; [例句]Make ( meaningless or illegible marks) on...

用法:impress sth on/upon sb 使…铭记…;使想象 impress sth. on/in sth. 在…上/压/盖印 impress sb. (with sth.) 给予某人深刻印象 be impressed by/with/at sth 对…印象深刻 例句① I impressed on him the importance of his work. 我使他注意...

with sb to do sth


Congratulations to sb on sth 为某事向某人表示祝贺 Good luck to sb for sth. 祝某人某方面好运.

向某人建议某件事 比如


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